Untwisted Inc

Proudly Serving the Parkinson's Community

We are a non-profit charity formed to bring the healing power of touch to people with Parkinson's Disease.  By providing no-cost therapeutic massage, we help provide relief to our clients by reducing the symptoms they experience related to the disease, as well as reducing the financial burden associated with their overall wellness programs.   All-in-all, we are looking to help improve their quality of life!

Untwisted Inc is a registered non-profit in the state of Vermont, and has received 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status from the IRS.  Our mission here cannot be fulfilled without the help of generous donors. 

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About Our Organization

Born out of the Community Supported Massage programs started at Vermont Massage Clinic, Untwisted Inc aims to continue those programs, but take them to a whole new level!  Our work is focused on raising funds to deliver charitable massage services to people suffering from Parkinson's.  As a 501(c)(3) charity, we hope to attract more donors which will allow us to not only reach more in the Parkinson's Community, but also provide increased benefits to them.

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How We Help

We've seen the power of massage (and related therapies) alleviate or lessen many of the symptoms of Parkinson's.
Below are just a few physical symptoms it can help with that in-turn contribute to non-motor symptom reduction, e.g. anxiety or depression.


Gait & Posture

Rigidity & Stiffness

High Fives

A gift from a client / friend / PD warrior offers a unique perspective...

The Parade

by Bruce Bressack

The stare, the glare, the softened speech and monotone riffs, out of tune, out of key, no harmonies exist in a Parkinson's parade.

The mumbled conversations, the blah-blah pronunciations, out of time, out of rhyme, no harmonies exist in a Parkinson's parade.

The righteous wobbly gaits, the stiffened joints that medicine abates, out of balance, out of step, no harmonies exist in a Parkinson's parade.

Candles burning in open windows, flames sputtering to survive, hoping time doesn't take them prisoner, or leave them hopelessly unaware, pitch perfect, pitch imperfect, no harmonies exist in a Parkinson's parade.

But wait, there is a path, it’s big and loud and proud,
tuning up, reaching up, never giving up,
marching strong, marching long,
pitch perfect harmonies abound in a Parkinson’s Parade.

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